Make the most of your dry-land training at Athletic Republic. Our Swim Team Training program is designed to improve power per stroke and increase explosiveness off each wall, while strengthening and stabilizing the shoulders, back and core. Come in and speak with one of our Performance Sports Coaches to learn how you can bring more power to the pool. 


At Athletic Republic, we make only one thing: BETTER ATHLETES. Ever since we first started blending the science of physiology and biomechanics with sport-specific training more than 28 years ago, we’ve made it our sole objective to become the go-to place for serious athletes. One of the latest additions to our training line-up, is the development of a dry-land program tailored specifically to swimmers and the improvement of their speed, efficiency, explosive power and race day results. 


At any age, at any level of competition, swimming is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports. By incorporating a pre-season and early season dry-land training program, the swimmer is able to supplement the high-repetition, low-resistance work they complete in the pool with a program devised to develop power while increasing speed and stamina. 

Sprinter, Backstroker, IMer or Triathlete Athletic Republic's Dry-Land Training Program will help every swimmer improve these key elements of performance: 

POWER PER STROKE: Accelerate faster, maximize efficiency, and maintain top end speed

CORE, BACK & SHOULDER STRENGTH: Hold form and finish every stroke, even under fatigue

EXPLOSIVE POWER: Faster starts and turns

STAMINA: Maintain maximize efficiency and increase the number of underwater kicks off each turn


Athletic Republic's 120+ performance sports training centers are staffed with a team of trainers certified in a unique combination of exercise science, sports training and athlete assessment technology. The Dry-Land Training program has been developed as a series of 90-minutes sessions delivered in 5-week training blocks.