"The Athletic Republic Training Program can transform a good athlete into a great athlete. It teaches you to use your abilities to the max. Someone who is already fast, can be a few steps faster."

- Heather Mitts, U.S. Women's National Soccer Team


At Athletic Republic, we make only one thing: better athletes. Ever since we first started blending the science of physiology and biomechanics with sport-specific training more than 28 years ago, we’ve made it our singular quest to be the go-to place for serious athletes. We’ve developed a unique program to specifically train soccer players to improve their acceleration, agility and power so they can become not just better athletes, but better soccer athletes. Through our evidence-based training protocols and patented equipment, we can improve an athlete’s mechanics so they have a faster first step, can change direction quicker, and have the stamina to play as well in the opening minutes as the closing minutes.


At any age, at any level, soccer is a physically demanding sport. By focusing on acceleration, agility and power, we can give every defender, midfielder, forward and goalkeepers the tools to be more successful on game day. 

ACCELERATION: Every soccer game is made up of hundreds of short bursts of speed. Success is often defined by an athletes' ability to increase or decrease speed in just a few steps.

AGILITY: Balance, coordination and stability are essential for nearly every movement with or without the ball. A complete player must be able to perform every technique at top speed, while still maintaining control and composure.

POWER: Change of speed and change of direction are two of the most important soccer skills. By definition, an athlete's ability to generate power determines how fast these movement occur.  Athletic Republic soccer training is also designed to improve an athlete's stability and stamina, reducing the risk of injury and improving their conditioning so they may perform at a higher level throughout the game.


Soccer is about gaining separation from your opponent to create the open space you need to put the ball into the back of the net.  If you are a defender or goalie, you need more quickness and agility than your opponent.  Athletic Republic has been building these attributes with soccer players from the club team level up to the national team ranks for almost 28 years.  Athletic Republic provides the optimal mix of proprietary sport specific training protocols and patented equipment to not only make you a better athlete, but a better soccer player as well. Athletic Republic is staffed with a team of trainers certified in a unique combination of exercise science, sports training and athlete assessment technology.  If you're interested in gaining a competitive advantage, join us for our soccer training program this season.