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Sweat can be smelly but it is definitely important. The following information can help you understand where the odor really comes from and why sweat is important when working out.

6 Interesting Facts That Can Help You to Better Understand Why You Sweat

  • Sweat is produced by your body when the body temperature rises.  The eccrine glands are in charge of regulating body temperature and therefore when your body starts to heat up, the eccrine glands produce sweat.
  • Sweat is mostly composed of water, sodium, and other cooling elements that assist your body in reducing body temperature.
  • The actual sweat is not necessarily smelly. The apocrine glands produce bacteria that break down sweat, this bacteria is what produces body odor.
  • Since the apocrine glands are mainly found in your underarm and groin area we only apply deodorant in our armpits and not necessarily all over our body.
  • How much you sweat during a workout depends on several factors but two main elements contribute to this, your weight and fitness level.
  • When there is more body mass there is more sweat because there is more to cool off. However, a higher fitness level can also mean more sweat. This is because your body becomes much more efficient in keeping your body temperature down and facilitating your workout, so it gets better at sweating to keep you cool and so that your body can go longer and harder during training.

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