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Run Faster Without Running Further

Running more is the obvious way to improve speed, but not the only way. Here are some steps you can take to make your runs more efficient and improve performance.

Vary Intensities

The harder you run, the greater the impact on running fitness. For this reason, it is better to alternate very hard runs with easier runs than to maintain a consistently moderate level of difficulty. Separate your week into three hard runs- one short and fast, a second high-intensity longer run, and a third longer endurance run- and three easy runs. Alternate between hard and easy each day and take the seventh day of rest.

Run Cycles

Following this same principle of varying intensity, develop running cycles of three weeks, four for advanced runners. The first week should be challenging, but manageable. Increase the workload for the second week, followed by an easier third week of rest. A four-week cycle would include another week of increased challenges with rest in the fourth week.

Hill Running

Running up hills improves aerobic capacity and leg strength. Running downhill is good for leg stiffness and running economy. You can either do a long hilly route, set intervals of uphill and downhill, or short sprints in each direction. Diversifying variation is key. The workout is intense, so not one you should do every day, but at least once per week.

For Sports Training in Toledo

A personal trainer can be the best performance enhancer. Contact the professionals at Athletic Republic in Toledo for individualized training of serious athletes. Visit our website to learn more about the programs we have designed and call 419-882-0661 to schedule an appointment.