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In the last post, we spoke about the benefits of an Athletic Trainer, and in this post Athletic Republic in Matthews can provide to help your body refine after your session once you are home and in bed.

Keeping your sleep regular.

When planning your weekly work and training session schedule, don’t forget to play close to attention to when you will sleep. Keeping your sleeping blocks consistent throughout the week lets your body become gain momentum to help recover. Be sure to consider your surroundings when you are planning your sleep. If need be, plan to sleep at different places during the week that can provide the most appropriate sleep space for you.

Create a comfortable environment.

Once you have planned the times that you will be sleeping through the week, give some thought to creating an environment that promotes sleep and really gives your body a chance to rest and recover. A dark and cool room can provide a great space for sleep, providing that external noise levels are kept to a minimum. Any sudden noises that can bring you out of a sleep cycle prematurely can have a drastic affect on that night's sleep. Be sure to turn off all electronic devices while you are sleeping as their noise, vibration or even light can disrupt your sleep cycle and prevent your body from recovering optimally.

Get the most out of your training.

If you are interested in getting the most out of your training sessions, then recovery is key. Speak with one of our professional trainers about these and other recovery tips that can greatly help with your Soccer, Hockey and Tennis training sessions Call Athletic Republic in Matthews on (704) 889-2800 to speak about our exclusive scientifically designed programs.