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Athletes Should Make Stretching a Habit

There are different areas that athletes need to focus on in order to get better results and improve faster. It isn´t just about exercise or strength training.  Nutrition, mental preparation, and emotional focus all play a big part on how well an athlete can perform. Additional practices and habits can also make all the difference. Stretching and yoga poses give athletes the advantage they need in flexibility and faster recovery. That is why today we want to share two easy yoga stretches you can do at home.

2 Simple and Effective Stretches You Can Do at Home

  1. Downward dog. This is one of the basic movements in yoga and is a great whole body stretch that can be used as a transition between movements. Since you won´t be doing a really strict yoga structure you can start by bending down trying to touch your toes and walking your hands up in front of you while trying to hold your heels down on the floor. You can also do variations where you slowly alternate between lifting up one heel and then the other while holding your hands out in front of you. Be sure to pull your pelvis up and press your upper-back down by pushing down the palms of your hands. It should seem like your body is forming a type of triangle.
  2. Cobra. From downward dog, you can transition into cobra by lowering your pelvis into a plank and then lowering your body as if you were going to do a push-up. As you push your arms off and pull your chest up from the pushup leave your pelvis down touching the floor. Face up and slightly arch your back as you stretch your arms without lifting your palms off the ground. Feel your back stretch and arch while your legs stay close to the ground.

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Always stretch after a workout or any training session. You can also ask your trainer or coach to show you what other stretching exercises you can do at home. For a more effective training and to maximize your results come to Athletic Republic in  Toledo. Call us today at (419) 882-0661 and learn about our special summer training. ;