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The Effects of Summer Weather on Sports Training Athletes

Both internal and external factors play a large role in the performance of an athlete. We previously discussed how the mental state of an athlete is an internal factor that can greatly determine their outcome. Today, we want to focus on the hot weather and how this external factor can affect athletes during the summer.

How the Hot Weather Affects Athletes

The hot weather can become a significant problem for high endurance athletes that need to train and perform outdoors. There are mainly two effects that occur as a result of the hot weather. One is dehydration and the second is the elevation of core body temperature. The best way to fight off dehydration is to increase fluid intake and stay alert for signs of dehydration. Elevated core temperatures cause the muscles to tire out much faster and it also decreases the blood flow throughout the body. This will wear out the athlete much faster and diminish his/her performance. The best way to prevent the effects of the hot weather from greatly affecting an athlete is to prepare their bodies. Athletes with a better condition tend to be less affected by the heat and their bodies are more resilient to the hot temperatures.

Summer Sports Training in Toledo for Better Endurance

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