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Whether you run for fun or for competition, you want to run fast, right? If you’re just starting out as a runner, it’s a good idea to focus on proper form and slowly pushing up your mileage, but if you want to improve as a performance athlete, you need to incorporate speed training into your workout regimen to get the best results. Athletic Republic in Toledo are happy to offer a few tips.

Warm Up

Warming up is always important, but it’s especially crucial before a speed training workout as you’ll be working your muscles to their limits. Make sure to take the time to work up a sweat before you start running with a few sets of high knees, butt-kickers, and skipping. Open up your hip joints a little with some up-and-overs to avoid taxing these joints too much.

Fartlek Training

Try not to snigger at its name (it comes from the Swedish for ‘speed play’) as this method will noticeably increase your speed after only a few weeks training. To do fartlek, start out on your run at a gentle pace to warm up and then start to incorporate periods of sprinting. You can tailor the timings to suit your current fitness level, but the aim is basically to jog, sprint until exhaustion, recover quickly, and repeat. Your training run for a 10k may look like this:

- Warm up
- 10 minutes jogging
- 4 minutes maximum pace, followed by 1 minute jogging recovery (x8)
- Cool down

Hill Training

Running uphill is great for building powerful, explosive muscles in your lower body. This translates to increased acceleration and speed on the flat, too. Incorporate hill training for speed into your workouts by picking a hilly course to run and focusing on tackling the hills as fast as possible. Don’t worry about your pace in between the hills, use that as recovery time.


Your running can benefit massively from workouts in the gym as well as outdoors or on the track. Include plyometrics like box jumps, jumping lunges, or burpees (our favorite) to see improvements in your acceleration and speed.

We at Athletic Republic offer general training tips on this blog, such as our guides to staying hydrated or picking the right athletic shoes, but for the best in tailored personal sports training in Toledo make sure to contact us at (419) 882-0661. We want to help you be the best athlete you can be.