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Avoiding the Holiday Exercise Hiatus

The holidays are the biggest excuse to skip working out, but exercise is all the more important for all the extra calories you will intake. Breaking away from friends and family for a workout can be hard, but here are a few tips and exercises that can make it easier for you.

Take Advantage of Workout Opportunities

If you prepare yourself, you can find opportunities to workout at every corner. Use your laptop to stream exercise videos. Dress the part by wearing a pair of walking or running shoes. When family members snooze away for a nap, head out for a 20 minute jog. If you are surrounded by kids, organize a soccer game, or play tag. Volunteer to do chores- shovel the snow, rake the leaves, walk the dog. While everyone is sitting down watching the game, do some sit-ups or push-ups. If you feel too embarrassed, challenge everyone to a competition to see who can do more. Wherever you look, there is a chance to be active. Take advantage of them.

Convenient Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Here are a few workouts that do not require much, if any, equipment, space, or time.

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