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Athletic Republic’s marketing campaign titled ‘We Know Athletes’ is more than a marketing tagline, it speaks to the soul of the Athletic Republic brand and to the core of why each of our performance sports trainers proudly wears the circle-star logo. ‘We Know Athletes’ is our rallying call to...
The following stretches are great for kids, working their muscles, awakening senses, and boosting energy.

Stretches for Your Kids

Cow-Cat Stretch

Get down on all fours, face down, with the back flat. Inhale while dropping the belly to the floor and lifting the head up. While exhaling, arch the...

The new year brings with it new resolutions and new goals, as athletes look forward to their next season. A preparation plan starts to take shape as knowledge gained from the last season and a timeline for pre-season training is established. The NCAA recommends, “a progressive comprehensive...