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When working out, running or taking part in other exercise activities, many of us tend to listen to listen to music. In fact, almost all gyms, and exercise centers tend to play music tracks to get you pumped up and motivated, but is this truly a positive action or is it hindering your...

More Important Information on Adequate Hydration When Sports Training

We previously discussed the importance of adequate hydration and not overdoing it. Now, given the importance of the subject and how much it can affect an athlete, we would like to pick up where we left of. Today, we want to...
Staying well hydrated is a key factor that makes a significant difference in the performance and health of an athlete. However, like in all things moderation and well balanced proportions are essential to truly benefit the most from it. That is why today at Athletic Republic in Toledo, we want to...
Sometimes when you work out, you get a sharp pain on your side, also known as side stitch. As you know, it can affect your training and the outcome of your routine. For that reason, this post will give you a few tips on how you can prevent them altogether.

How to Prevent Side Stitches

Eat Well

As an athlete, you work hard to stay in shape and meet your athletic potential. From time to time, however, all of that training may result in your body being too tired to workout. If you're currently in this situation, and you're wondering what you can do if you're not up for a challenging...
Sweat can be smelly but it is definitely important. The following information can help you understand where the odor really comes from and why sweat is important when working out.

6 Interesting Facts That Can Help You to Better Understand Why You Sweat

  • Sweat is produced by your body when the...

Avoiding the Holiday Exercise Hiatus

The holidays are the biggest excuse to skip working out, but exercise is all the more important for all the extra calories you will intake. Breaking away from friends and family for a workout can be hard, but here are a few tips and exercises that can make it...

Holiday Exercise Tips

It is hard enough motivating to exercise, and even more of a challenge during the holidays. All the same, it is important to work off all those extra calories you will be putting on by gorging on snacks and goodies. Here are a few tips for keeping yourself on track.



Improving Flexibility in Unorthodox Ways

Research continues to show that the standard, long-hold stretches we have been taught are not the most effective way to improve your flexibility. Instead, follow these tips to finally get to touch your toes and more.

Dynamic Warm-Ups

Your pre-workout...