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We here at Athletic Republic in Toledo are passionate about helping you to become the best athlete you can be. Today, we’d like to offer some tips on how to provide your body with the right fuel both before and after a workout.


You need energy to work effectively, so make sure to take in some easily-digested carbs a short while before working out. Try eating a banana or drinking a fruit smoothie (store-bought smoothies are packed with sugar, so make your own!) around half an hour before you exercise for some healthy carbs and a potassium boost–known to help muscle and nerve activity. If you are going to be working out especially hard, or for a long time, you need to pack in the carbs. Eat a bowl of oatmeal around 45 minutes before exercising for some slow-release energy to power you through even the toughest workout.


Post-workout nutrition is just as vital. You need to supply your body with what it needs to recover and grow stronger. What that means varies depending on your workout.

If you have been running hard or have just completed a cardiovascular workout, it’s a good idea to eat some foods with anti-inflammatory properties to help avoid injury, so try including avocado or a handful of almonds in your post-workout meal. You need protein to help recover, so opt for healthy protein sources such as grilled chicken or other lean white meats, eggs, or tofu.

If you have been lifting weights, you also need protein to allow the muscles you’ve broken down to rebuild stronger than ever. You also need to take in enough carbs to promote insulin production to carry protein and glucose to your muscles, so now is the time to treat yourself! Usually a spike in your blood sugar is a bad thing, but straight after a weights session it can actually be very beneficial, so treat yourself to a sugary snack that you’d otherwise avoid, and then focus on taking in some healthy proteins.

Regardless of your workout regimen, it’s important that you eat enough fruit and vegetables, so make sure to include a hefty serving of greens (and reds and yellows and oranges…) in your post-workout meal too!

Try including some of these superfoods in your diet for an extra boost. If you’d like to take your training to the next level, enlist the help of Athletic Republic. Our programs offer targeted sports training in Toledo for any athlete, whether you’re a quarterback or a tennis player. Call (419) 882-0661 to find out more.