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Exercise Motivation Tips

It's easy to put off exercise for another day, or to come up with excuses- no time, too tired, the kids don't leave me alone. Here are some motivational tips to get you active.

Show Me the Money!

Thanks to the folks at Pact, you can get paid to exercise. Money is a strong motivator, and Pact puts it to work. Set up your goals and pay when you do not meet them. When you do meet them, you get paid by others who failed to meet their goals.

You Are Not Alone

Social contracts help motivate as well. Go with friends or family members. Take the kids! Exercising with others who will be your cheerleaders will make your workouts more fun and obligate you to fulfill your promises. Turn it into a contest for bragging rights or a pot of money.

Exercise to Work

Turn your commute into a workout. Bike, run, or walk to and from work each day. You need to get there anyway, so use the time productively.

Keep Your Gear Out

Seeing your workout gear will help remind you that you need to exercise. Don't put it away. Keep it by the things you have to take every morning- your keys, your backpack- or by places you hang out at home- by the TV or the computer. Visual cues will help get you going.

Publicize Your Progress

Use social media to keep a journal of your workouts. Your friends will cheer you on! Seeing the advances you have made will also make you feel better about yourself. When you feel unmotivated, read your posts.

For Sports Training in Toledo, OH

Hiring a sports trainer will also help motivate you. At Athletic Republic in Toledo, we offer a wide variety of training programs to fit your needs and schedule. Give us a call at (419) 882-0661 to set up an appointment today. ;