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The following stretches are great for kids, working their muscles, awakening senses, and boosting energy.

Stretches for Your Kids

Cow-Cat Stretch

Get down on all fours, face down, with the back flat. Inhale while dropping the belly to the floor and lifting the head up. While exhaling, arch the back up all the way and look at your belly. Go back and forth 5-10 times.

Warrior #2

Start as you would for Warrior #1, with your feet a few feet apart, but spread your arms out to your sides. Turn one foot slightly outward and bend your knee, and exhale as you did for Warrior #1. Look forward in the direction of your turned foot and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat three times for each leg.

Quad Stretch

While standing next to a wall, chair, or other support, have your child lift her right leg behind her and hold the foot with her right hand. Use the left hand to balance against her support.  Pull the foot up until she feels pressure and hold. Switch legs. You can also do this stretch using the opposite arm to hold the foot. Do not forget to balance.

Knee Lunge

Have your child kneel on a mat and step forward with one leg, bending the knee to a 90-degree angle while keeping her back straight. This exercise stretches the hip and the groin.

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