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Marathon season is fast approaching, and if you’re planning on tackling such a mammoth run then you’ll need to prepare properly. Let Athletic Republic in Toledo talk you through some of the best tactics to take when training to prevent injury and maximize your performance.

Build distance slowly

A good running routine when training for a marathon will include one relatively short, fast run, a couple of mid-length runs, and one long run each week. Make sure not to jump straight into running vast distances as you will more than likely injure yourself. Instead, start with a length you already feel comfortable with and then increase this distance by 10% each week or fortnight until you have reached your target length. Running further than 20 miles at a time won’t bring any training benefits, so cap your runs at this distance until race day itself.

Recover properly

Recovery is as important as training itself. Make sure to dedicate a good amount of time to stretching after every run, ensure you’re getting enough sleep (as a rule, you can’t sleep too much during marathon training season) and eating enough food. Taking in enough calories is crucial for good training, and you’ll be burning through them fast, so make sure you’re eating nutritious high-calorie foods such as nut butters and avocados.

Stay hydrated

The importance of staying hydrated during long runs can’t be overstated. Make sure to drink plenty of water an hour or so before you start your run, drink during the run itself (though avoid gulping down water as your performance will suffer; take sips periodically instead) and drink loads afterwards, too!

Get the right shoes

It’s vitally important that you have suitable shoes given the distances you’ll be running. Your shoes provide your feet with support and cushioning and can mean the difference between a great run and a severe injury. Buy the right pair of running shoes and make sure to replace them after 300 - 500 miles or if they are worn or broken.

Rest up before race day

Taper your runs down a couple of weeks before the race, replacing your runs with easier, shorter ones to allow yourself time to recover and build up energy. You could even consider taking a week off running entirely so you can tackle the marathon with fresh legs, though some people prefer to continue with easy runs right up until race day. ;

We at Athletic Republic are here to help you become a better athlete, whether you’re looking to improve in a particular sport (from tennis through to water polo) or a particular area, we offer the best sports training in Toledo. Call 419-882-0661 to find out more.