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More Important Information on Adequate Hydration When Sports Training

We previously discussed the importance of adequate hydration and not overdoing it. Now, given the importance of the subject and how much it can affect an athlete, we would like to pick up where we left of. Today, we want to provide you with more information that can help you stay aware of any signs your body may be giving you that alert you that your level of hydration is not adequate.

Signs That You Need to Watch out for When It Comes to Hydration

Do not wait until you are very thirsty to drink water, and when you do it is important not to swallow up excessive amounts. It is best to take a small sip of water immediately when you feel a bit thirsty. Some of the most common signs of dehydration are; dry mouth, feeling dizzy or light headed, cramping of one or several muscles, nausea, and profound rapid heart beats that are not normal. In the other hand, we previously mentioned that hyponatremia can be induced by an excessive amount of water in your system, and it is important to not overdo the consumption of water. If you do increase the water intake by too much your body will start experiencing swelling. This can be very dangerous as it can lead to the lungs filling up with liquid or swelling of the brain if continued. Some of the common signs of hyponatremia are; swelling of the hands and feet, feeling confused or dumbfounded, headaches, and vomiting.

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