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How to Make Sweat Less Uncomfortable When Working Out

Whether you like it or not sweat is an essential and important factor that can improve your performance when working out. It helps regulate your temperature, keeping you cool when you exercise and allowing your body to perform better when training. However, it can still be somewhat uncomfortable to deal with sweat when exercising. The following tips can help you to best deal with sweat when training.

5 Tips to Deal with Sweat When Working Out

  1. Wear dry-fit clothing. This is an easy and helpful way to get rid of the icky sensation of soaked clothes during a workout.
  2. Drink water throughout the day. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated at all times, no only when working out. Also, eat vegetables, fruits, and nutrient dense foods.
  3. Avoid excessive use of creams, lotions and/or makeup that can block your pores and sweat glands. Otherwise, your skin can get irritated and the clogged sweat glands can lead to a heat rash.
  4. If possible try to wash your face and try to keep your hair out of your face when working out so that your pores don´t get oily or clogged.
  5. Staying hydrated during your workout is even more important because it is during this time that your body sweats and is most prone to dehydration. Electrolyte drinks low in sugar are always a good option.

Sports Training in Toledo, OH

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