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When working out, running or taking part in other exercise activities, many of us tend to listen to listen to music. In fact, almost all gyms, and exercise centers tend to play music tracks to get you pumped up and motivated, but is this truly a positive action or is it hindering your performance?

Music May Help You Perform Better in the Short-Run but Not When Sports Training

Research shows that when it comes to endurance training such as running, music can make a great impact on the overall performance. The right soundtracks have even helped many athletes reach their PR (personal best). This can be a good thing but it can also become a problem when it comes to actually having to perform without music such as in strict competitions. Music helps the body get through a tough endurance workout by mentally distracting it from the amount of effort that has to be put in.

What Music Really Does to You When Exercising

Basically listening to music while you exercise causes a mental distraction that reduces the need for your own personal internal motivation. If you are constantly listening to music while you workout or train it may be reducing your own internal drive to do better, and facilitating things for you, making it more difficult to perform when you do not have that music available. In other words, listening to music when facing tough endurance training may make you more dependent on it and not allow you to also exercise your mental stamina.

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