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How to State Your Athletic Goals So That They Are Easy to Reach

Performance is based on your hard-work and dedication but all of this depends on your personal goals as an athlete. Making sure that you set goals and objectives is a necessary thing for all athlete. It allows you to know where you are and where you are going with your fitness, strength, performance and other vital areas of your training. That is why today we want to explain the importance of stating your goals in a way that makes them a lot more attainable.

State Your Goals in a Way That Sets You up for Success

How you state your goal makes all the difference. It is important that make your athletic goals specific, noticeable and measurable. What this means is that your goals need to be narrowed down. They also need to be stated in a way that allows you to mark your progress. For example instead of just saying: ¨I want to be faster¨ The goals should state something such as: ¨I want to be able to run a 5-minute mile.¨ This not only narrows down the goal it also states it in a way that can be measured and which allows you to notice how close or far you are from reaching it. It is also important to make your goals positive. Instead of saying ¨I want to not miss so many free throws.¨ You would state, ¨I want to make at least two out of every three free throws.¨

Reach Your Athletic Goals Faster With Sports Training in Toledo, OH

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