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To become the best, you have to train with the best. Here at Athletic Republic in Toledo we have certified and professional trainers who are ready to help you go beyond what you thought possible. Become the best, strongest, fastest in your sport. Surprise even yourself. You know that part of a great athletic performance is a healthy diet for your body and your workout. For this reason, Athletic Republic would like to share SEVEN of the best and most healthy foods for athletes to add to their diet. ;

Quinoa, though it is actually a seed, it is cooked and treated as a whole grain. It can be used in place of rice, pasta, or other wheat products. You can also combine it with honey to make a delicious breakfast cereal. It’s rather versatile and incredibly healthy! ;It has all 9 essential amino acids needed for muscle recovery and 8 grams of protein per cup.

Berries: Always go with those with the darkest or deepest hues. Those are the ones most full of vitamins A, C, and E, which you need to help prevent oxidative stress buildup, not to mention they are delicious. Throw some in a smoothie, add a little protein, and you are good to go.

Fish such as Salmon and Mackerel are great sources of lean proteins and omega 3s. These are essential for reducing inflammation, resulting from strenuous workouts. Using canned salmon is an option if fresh is unavailable or too expensive, and will still go great with quinoa, pasta, or veggies.

Beans and legumes are a great meat free option. Lentils, all types of beans, garbanzo, black, white, you name it. And, like quinoa, you can get very creative with beans and legumes. They provide substantial protein, not like that of meat, but they have no saturated fat and, as we know, are excellent sources of fiber.

Bananas contain natural electrolytes to keep you hydrated, and potassium to prevent muscle cramps and spasms associated with athletic activity. As an athlete, unless you are allergic, there is really no good reason not to add these to your diet.

Eating your broccoli has never been so important. Ok, broccoli, kale, spinach, any leafy, dark green vegetable is a good addition. Antioxidants, fiber, and filling qualities are what await you. Since kale is a newer trend, there are a lot of great new recipes out there that include it.

Don’t forget that nuts and nut butter products are going to be amazing to help build your protein intake, as well as balance out your intake of sugary carbohydrates. Obviously the more natural the peanut or almond butter you use, with less added sugars, the better for your body.

Go ahead and get these foods on your grocery list, get creative and make some amazing meals and treats for yourself. After the first step of eating well, you are ready to get that extra advantage in your sport. For that, Athletic Republic in Toledo has got you covered. Give us a call at, 419-882-0661, to schedule an athletic assessment and to get started with YOUR specialized training program.