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If you’re an athlete, a game, competition or meet can be an extremely stressful situation. Needless to say, you need to be ready for it in order to do well. If you need a bit of help in this department, this post by Athletic Republic in Toledo is here to provide some tips so you can give it your all in important event.

How to Get Ready for a Competition ;

Train Hard

You need to train hard and smart months or weeks prior to the competition so your body is in optimum capacity for it. Push yourself as much as possible to achieve the best results.

Be Healthy

Stay away from bad habits (like smoking, eating junk food or depriving yourself of sleep) from the moment you start training. This will give your body the chance to be in top condition.

Rest Up

You should sleep tight the night before the event to regain energy and give your muscles the opportunity to rebuild and be strong for the physical test they’ll be going through.

Eat Well

As mentioned in a previous post, there are some foods you should be consuming if you want to do well in any physical activity. Meals high in protein are always a good bet for this.


When you put a lot of physical effort into an activity, your body gets warm and you sweat to cool it down. Make sure to drink loads of water to replenish all the fluids you’re pouring out.

Wear the Right Gear

Something as simple as using the wrong tennis shoes can totally throw you off your game. Make sure that you wear comfortable gear that will let you perform your best.

Warm Up

Your muscles need to be willing to cooperate in this event! Stretch, do some light cardio and concentrate on getting your body physically in tune.

Get Mentally Prepared

Another crucial part of getting ready for a competition has to do with the mental aspect of it. Breathe in deeply, focus as hard as you can and let all the worries go away.

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