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The Importance of Consuming Enough Water for Your Body

Our bodies need water. Just how much water we need is a question with many different answers. Here are a few basic guidelines to remember to be sure you are meeting your body's minimum hydration needs.

Basic Formula of How Much Water to Drink

The body is made up of approximately 60% water. We need water for every organ in our body, to make our body run smoothly, prevent fatigue, and dehydration. A simple formula was devised to calculate minimum fluid intake needs. For every pound, your body needs about half an ounce of fluid. Take your weight and multiply it by .5 to get your estimate. For example is you weigh 140 pounds, multiply 160 X .5 = 80 ounces. Round up to the nearest full cup. This basic formula accounts for your fluid needs without any activity or heat which may cause you to sweat, lose and need additional fluid.

Eat Your Water

We can get fluids from a variety of sources, not just water. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of water. Drinks, other than water count as fluids, too. Drinking non-Caffeinated beverages like fruit juice and milk are a good way to stay hydrated. Still the best source of water for your body is WATER. Your body can readily and easily use plain water without filtering through the kidneys, liver or breaking it down from food in the stomach.

Caloric Formula to Calculate Required Water Intake

The basic formula to acquire your minimum daily fluid from food is to calculate 1 milliliter of fluid for every calorie you consume. If we convert this to ounces, you need .034 ounces for every calorie you consume. For example, if you eat 3000 calories a day, multiply 3000 X .034 = 102 ounces. This calculation does not take into account workouts, climate or other factors which may require you to consume more fluids to keep your body functioning properly. We all want to stay healthy. Consuming more than enough fluids is an easy way to keep your body and mind functioning at optimal levels. For optimum performance in your workout, turn to the professionals at Athletic Republic in Toledo. Athletic Republic in Toledo offers ;sport-specific, individualized programming designed specifically for athletes. Call 419-882-0661 and discover the difference with Athletic Republic in Toledo. ;