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The winter is pretty much here and it means colder weather and probably a few changes in your routine. The colder weather can certainly affect your workouts and your body. That means there are certain things you need to keep in mind this winter. Today we want to mention two things that you need to know in order to do to make sure you avoid injuries and are able to perform at your best even during the winter weather.

2 Important Things to Consider When Working out in the Winter

  • Dehydration is still possible. Stay hydrated by drinking water regularly. You will probably not feel as thirsty in the colder weather but this is actually dangerous because the cold decreases your thirst by about 40%. That means you could start dehydrating and not even feel thirsty. So be careful and ensure that you still drink water and replenish electrolytes, especially during intense workouts.
  • Clothing matters more in the cold. Try to not dress overly warm when working out. It is best to dress a little lighter leaving room for when your body has warmed up than to wear one layer too many and have to remove it. This can really through your body´s temperature off and when you dress lighter you allow your core temperature to increase as needed without having to alter your clothing. Once your workout is done and you are cooling off then make sure you put on dry clothing that is not damp with sweat and a jacket or sweater to protect your body from the harsh temperature alterations.

Winter Sports Training in Toledo

Take better care of yourself in the cold as this can greatly affect your health and therefore your performance. At Athletic Republic Toledo they care about your health and your goals. Contact them now and start taking better care of your body and reaching your performance goals faster.