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Improving Flexibility in Unorthodox Ways

Research continues to show that the standard, long-hold stretches we have been taught are not the most effective way to improve your flexibility. Instead, follow these tips to finally get to touch your toes and more.

Dynamic Warm-Ups

Your pre-workout warm-up should get you sweating a little before you start. Try lunges, squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, and other bodyweight movements that will get your body ready to tackle your workout. Three sets of 20-30 reps of each is ideal. Static stretching is out, dynamic warm-ups are in.

Some Static Stretching is OK

Instead of doing stretching before your workout, do some light static stretching post-workout. This exercise will lengthen muscles that tightened up during your workout. Hit the muscles that your worked hard, as well as chest, lats, and hip flexors that are usually tight from normal posture.

Full Range of Motion

There are strength-building benefits to partial range of motion exercises, but you should focus on full range of motion to improve flexibility. Do some full range of motion lifts with lighter weights before tackling heavier sets of our normal workout routine.

Get a Massage

Massages loosen your muscles and break up any knots that are restricting your movement. Foam rolling both before and after your workout is ideal. The pre-workout roll prepares your body for the movement of your routine and post-workout will help you recover quicker.

Relax and Increase Flexibility

Stress is a major inhibitor of flexibility by tightening your muscles. If you are combining the stress of work and family with a high-intensity workout, you need time to decompress. Take a few times every week for light walking, yoga, or other ways to de-stress yourself.

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