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Lift More Weight Instantly

Hard work, determination, and practice will eventually improve your strength and help you life more. There is no substitute, but here are some tips you can follow to start seeing results faster.


When you clinch a muscle, the tension triggers neural activity in nearby muscles and unlocks more strength. When you lift, clinch your glutes, tighten your core, and squeeze the handle until your knuckles are white. Tighten your legs and squeeze the ground with your feet. By clinching your whole body, you will achieve maximum potential.

Post-Activation Potentiation

Post-Activation Potentiation (PAP) involves tricking your muscles. Before you do your normal routine, start with a heavy set of two reps. When you go to lift your normal weight, your muscles will be conditioned for the heavier set. PAP excites the nervous system into making more force and gives you extra temporary strength to maximize your workout.

Shorten the Warm-Up

The point of warming up is to gradually habituate your muscles to increasing weight, but many overdo it. Instead of going by 25-lb increments per set, for example, make 50-lb jumps instead. And less is more, so you only need three reps of each warm-up set.

Chalk it Up

If you do not already use chalk, you should start. Your grip will usually exhaust before your other muscles do. Rubbing chalk on your hands and the bar helps maintain grip, reduce moisture, and fill the cracks in your hands. You will be able to grip the bar tighter and lift more weight.

For Sports Training in Toledo, Ohio

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