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Sometimes when you work out, you get a sharp pain on your side, also known as side stitch. As you know, it can affect your training and the outcome of your routine. For that reason, this post will give you a few tips on how you can prevent them altogether.

How to Prevent Side Stitches

Eat Well

How you eat can affect your training sessions more than you know. Not only that, but eating a heavy meal prior to your workout can result in side stitches. For that reason, if you're hungry, eat a light snack 60 to 30 minutes before training to get an energy boost.

Get Warm

You need to ease your body into your training sessions if you want to avoid injuries and side cramps. Doing dynamic stretching, and a few minutes of cardio before a demanding workout can help you get ready for it effectively.

Build Your Endurance

In some occasions, side stitches are the result of a lack of endurance. That's why you should push yourself harder and get stronger to  become a better athlete, and to avoid painful and annoying stitches. Doing core workouts can also help prevent these ailments.

Breathe Correctly

Finally, you need to remember to breathe correctly when you're working out. Not only will that help you avoid side stitches, but it can also affect your overall performance. Breathe in deeply, fill up your tummy with air, and exhale calmly.

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