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As an athlete, you work hard to stay in shape and meet your athletic potential. From time to time, however, all of that training may result in your body being too tired to workout. If you're currently in this situation, and you're wondering what you can do if you're not up for a challenging session, this post can help you out.

What to Do if You're Too Tired to Work Out?

Examine the Situation

Before you decide to skip on your workout, think about the situation, your goals, and the routine you have to do, so you can get a new perspective on the matter. Also, think about why you're exhausted, about your eating/sleeping routine, about your last rest day, and if you're sure you're not being lazy.

Change Up Your Routine

If you feel that you can't keep up with your regular routine, but don't want to miss out on a training session, try to take it easy for a day. For example, you can take a yoga class to stretch and relax. You can also do some light cardio to get a workout in, but not force yourself too much.

Take the Day Off

If after thinking about the two previous points, you've realized that your body just won't respond as it should, take a day off. If you're very tired, your body may be telling you to slow down and let it recover. You can take some of the tips in this post to let your body rest and get back to normal.

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