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When AJ’s parents brought him in to Athletic Republic Toledo, they were concerned that he was struggling with athleticism and his running form in particular. ;After performing a pre-test at Athletic Republic Toledo, a plan was designed to have AJ hone in on his objectives. ;Over the course of six weeks, AJ gradually “morphed” into a solid athlete, the video shows the gradual change in his running form and speed. ;He increased his strength, power, running efficiency and flexibility by adhering to the Athletic Republic training regimen. By gradually increasing his workload, constant visual feedback with mirrors and Dartfish technology, AJ made the needed adjustments to enhance his running form. ;His running speed started at 7.0 mph and when he finished the program AJ topped 13.0 mph.“There was a physical and emotional change in AJ when he finished the program. His self-confidence soared and as his parents we were elated seeing this in action on the soccer field by his speed and control of the ball,” stated Jamie and Paul. ;

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